Friday, June 12, 2015

6/5/2015 Brief Tornado near Kirk, CO

6/5 looked promising for tornadoes across portions of eastern CO.  

We started the day targeting the Castle Rock, CO area, assuming the first storms of the day would form near the Palmer Divide.  An initial supercell formed in this area and nearly immediately produced a brief tornado just east of the Continental Divide. We stopped quickly in Limon to gas, then pushed to Byers, almost positive that we were going to have a great storm chasing day (I mean, there was already a tornado being reported at 1:13 PM local time!).  Well, turns out morpohology after this initial tornado was not that stunning (see time lapse below). The storm tried hard for tornadogenesis again two or three times, but could not tighten rotation enough in the low-levels. 

As this convection matured and continued to become more and more 'messy', we pushed north/east toward Deer Trail before eventually re-positioning due east along HWY 36. 

We were caught north of the FFD on less-than-ideal roads on a new developing supercell near Seibert, CO.  The meso eventually came into view and then seemed to begin to decay (right when we got to it of course!).  We were able to witness a brief tornado near Kirk before the storms grew upscale and raced east. 

MISC:  Overnighted in Colby (again).  Had a RAW dinner at Montana Mikes. Ask me about it sometime...

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