Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6/2/2015 Gurley, NE LP Supercell

By 5 PM, I had thought the day was a bust for us.  We opted to play the further south target, despite dry air and a strong cap.  It wasn't entirely clear if severe convection was going to form in our area until around 6 PM, when a pair of nice updrafts began to form near Dalton, NE.  We watched these cells for what felt like an eternity until a majestic LP supercell took over the show at sunset.  We (now caught up with the CoD crew) took a dirt road west out of Gurley, NE, to get an unobstructed view of the updraft.  On a nameless road west of Gurley, we were treated with a view many people will never get to see in their entire life.  

I cannot explain the swaying Nebraska wheat. 

I cannot explain the crisp updraft.  

I cannot explain the sunset. 

cannot explain the colors. 

I cannot explain the joy.

You do not need a tornado to enjoy the sky. 

MISC: Dad's annual pic in front of the sky was captured (see below). Overnighted in Julesburg, CO, at our "favorite" motel.

Dad's annual picture
Dad's annual picture take two
My favorite from the day
LP supercells are photogenic! 

Sliver of time when the updraft was illuminated with a blazing orange color

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