Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6/27/2016 Oshkosh, NE Supercell

Started the day in OGA, with an initial target near the AIA area. By mid-afternoon, it was pretty clear that the Cu field was becoming agitated on the nose of the theta-e axis just to our northwest. After lunch at Valentino's, we set sights on developing echos just north of Oshkosh, NE. This cell rapidly strengthened into an impressive supercell, with nearly 40 mph inflow at times. The structure was impressive, but it did not last very long. We blew off the windbag near Julesburg to set sights on new convection coming out of the Pine Ridge. This was a good decision, as we were treated with a nice sunset and a short drive to our hotel in Scottsbluff.

MISC: Overnighted at brand new FF Inn in Scottsbluff.



Peggy Lami said...

And we think we know the scale of power? I am exhilarated without any barometric buzz from my monitor--looking into that sky and thinking of you and your companion awash in energy. Good ones, Victor. More than science. More.

Dr. Victor Gensini said...

Well said, Peggy!