Sunday, June 12, 2016

6/11/2016 Lodgepole, SD Thunderstorms

The forecast environment of 6/11 appeared to be favorable for supercell thunderstorms, especially with regard to kinematics, but the convective morphology proved to be unfavorable.   By late afternoon, convection fired off the Black Hills and north of the Bighorn mountains in a deeply mixed environment with southwesterly surface winds.  These thunderstorm established cold pools and copious amount of dry mid-level air likely inhibited greater organized potential, especially when considering the strong surface winds and vertical shear profiles sampled by nearby 88D RADAR's.

Despite the morphology, we were able to latch onto a briefly severe storm near Lodgepole, SD, that had impressive positive CG lightning (video to come later). 

MISC: Chasing with Dad. Overnighted in Dickinson, ND.

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