Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5/17-5-24 Chasing with CoD

Since I've been lazy blogging, I figured I should probably make one big post to get back on track. This post contains the rest of the College of DuPage storm chasing trip (trip #2) that ran from 5-14 to 5-24.
Waiting for storms to initiate in a park (Iraan, TX)

Roll/Leedy storm. Best picture of the trip IMO.

This storm eventually went on to produce the Bowdle tornado (EF 4 rating).

Funnel cloud!

Quarter hail with the culprit supercell in the background

Dumas, TX supercell

Dumas take two

Mothership NE of Dumas

Brandon takes a picture shortly before the storm hits Dumas

Ahhh! Sometimes you don't need a tornado to make a great photo!


Roll/Leedy take two.

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Brandon Brown said...

Excellent! The comment you made about not having a tornado to make a good storm photo is true man, its just icing on the cake!