Sunday, May 16, 2010

5/16 Crapvection

Yesterday (5/15) was a complete bust with no ‘cool’ images worth showing. We ended the day in Sonora, TX with beers and great stories after another long day of driving. This morning, we again targeted the Fort Stockton, TX area and actually got convection to develop via the Del Norte Mountains to our Southwest. It was apparent during morning analysis that anything convection was going to have a hard time becoming sustained in the weak atmospheric wind shear and lack of mesoscale convergence. We drifted south to catch up to these storms, but they could not sustain themselves without the aid of the mountains. After grabbing some dinner, a nice storm formed to our northwest and began moving toward our location. Unfortunately, as daylight began to wane, so did the storm. Below are a few images despite a rather unexciting day in the beautiful country of southwest TX. Off to Odessa, TX for a good dinner and beers. Tomorrow looks to be the best day of the trip to this point...

Storm forming on the Del Norte Mts.

Storm NW of Midland before sunset. I believe Dr. Walker Ashley was in very good position for this storm, so keep an eye on his blog for a post.

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jmacdizzle said...

that sucks, you missed all the storms in OK? I was driving to work and heard that 20+ tornadoes hit the state last week!