Sunday, May 25, 2008

Outflow + Scud = No Tornadoes!

Last night we camped at Cedar Bluff State Park with about 10,000 little bugs that looked like ticks. I'm not sure exactly what they were, but I can tell you they were very annoying. After cleaning up camp, we migrated to back to the headquarters this year (Hays) and soaked up some data as well as some Sonic breakfast and Arby's lunch. Mmmm...healthy! While choosing a chase target in Hays, we sighted a small storm on radar developing off to the west of were we had just been camping the previous night. Around 12:30 P.M. this storm became severe warned, and 2 radar scans later, tornado warned. We were in very good position to intercept this storm, in fact, we were one of very few chasers of the many in the plains this week on this initial storm. In short, this storm produced a very picturesque wall cloud and very intense inflow. We got caught behind this storm after photographing the most beautiful inflow band I have ever witnessed. While behind this storm, we were munched by quarter to golf ball size hail. I was amazed we didn't break the windshield or sustain any damage to the vehicle! Overall the day was marked by outflow dominant storms and low hanging scud that prompted sherrifnadoes and eye catching structures that you swore would go tornadic. Tomorrow will be another chase day as our chascation has been marked by 1 slight, 4 moderates, and 1 high risk from the Storm Prediction Center. I think we picked the right week :)
Beautiful wall cloud
Golfball hail anyone?

Inflow band

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