Thursday, May 22, 2008

Long haul pays off!

We awoke in Goodland, KS to a classic climatological severe weather outbreak set-up in which a warm front was rapidly lifting northward, while a dryline was mixing eastward. We decided to head south to Scott City, KS around 12:15 P.M. and noticed the first reflectivity echo starting to form just south of our target. After gassing up and realizing the show was going to start early, we played with an outflow dominant cell just to the east of Scott City just before noticing that a cell was quickly becoming organized to the south of the original storm. This cell had a beautiful wall cloud and ended up producing a tornado in southwest Gove county. A funnel was extending to the ground and we were able to see attendant dust clouds at surface for a solid 5 minuets. We were playing catch up to this storm for most of the day, and ended up watching it cycle many times before calling it quits in Phillipsburg, KS. Overall a great day, and looks like we will have another chance to catch supercells along the dryline in either KS or NE later day.
First tornado in SW Gove county KS.
Woo Hoo!