Friday, May 11, 2007

Where is May going?

Unbelievable how fast the time is going...Currently 15 days until I journey to Norman to have the greatest summer of my life; at least I hope so...Finals are over and it is time for some serious R & R before the next journey begins. I am trying to see as many people as possible before I leave so get a hold of me if its been awhile and you want some lunch/beverages etc... In the meantime, hopefully we will have something to chase in the near future as I am itching to chase convection. Not even kidding, I would probably chase a cumulus cloud right now. It actually looks like more of a summer pattern at the moment, but maybe mother nature is just reloading and this season is just getting started? I'd like to think this anyway ;) As for this summer, I've decided that I'm going to be a photographer, so be ready for LOTS of pictures! I will try to post about 2 times a week depending on time issues/chases/projects etc. so maybe more maybe less... Adios everyone! OU here I come!


Anonymous said...

Victor...much love

Anonymous said...

beautiful picture buddy! Johnny K.