Thursday, May 24, 2007

Long Day...

Currently riding in the car on the way to Oklahoma City where we are going to stay and make the journey back to DeKalb tomorrow morning…Today was well, in one word, frustrating. Everything looked to be in place for discrete supercells along the northward retreating boundary. We arrived in Perryton, TX after grabbing lunch at Bob’s place in Mead, KS. After wasting some time watching some little boy cleaning his lawnmower, we saw towering cumulus to our South and waited for the SPC to issue a tornado watch. Shortly thereafter, the PDS tornado watch was issued for our area. At that point, we were a little North of where we would have liked to be...We had to make a decision to head south and try to core punch the already HP feature-like storm, or head west and try to circle around the developing supercell. We decided the latter and headed around to Borger, TX to catch I-74 which would give us a north-south option for our storm. Today we had radar up and running after blowing a fuse yesterday; and after heading north on I-74 and watching the system for a while it was obvious that the system was becoming outflow dominant. We decided to head back to Borger (now our 4th time this trip) to try to catch a tor warned storm that was forming off to our southwest. The shitty road network of this area really hampered our ability catch up to these storms. They were not isolated supercells like we were hoping for, which is probably due to the fact that the cap was a little weaker today as convection was starting to fire around 12:30 to our northeast. I must say that after yesterday’s taste of severe weather had me wanting more, but overall I am happy with the trip. I visited 3 new states (OK-TX-KS) and saw my first tornado of 2007. It was a great trip and definitely worth the 900 mile drive to Liberal on Sunday.

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