Monday, May 14, 2007

Bass, Beer & Buddies

The Group

Cool Cake!

Cousin Matt with a Largemouth Bass

Wow, what a start to the summer...After working a few AM hours at the family grocery store, my cousin convinced me that we should try our luck at bass fishing...I thought that it would be an easy excuse to get away, grab a few brews, and catch up with him. Amazingly, his beer to fish ratio this time was respectable...After hurrying in, I cruised over to Ladd because my girlfriend and her parents wanted to take me out to eat one last time before going to Norman. Unexpectedly, I walked into the back room of Illinois Valley Bar & Grill and 21 people were there to yell SURPRISE!!! Needless to say I was shocked! The group consisted of a few friends from high school, my family & grandparents, my girlfriends family and friends, and the DeKalb crew ;) After enjoying some fine food and a couple Millers, we journeyed back to Jenna's house where we finished the night off with some brew and entertainment in the form of Josh playing JJ and DMB on the guitar...Overall a great night and one that I will remember forever! Thanks to everyone that came, especially the DeKalb crew who made quite a journey to get to the IV, and everyone who brought gifts which was totally unnecessary! On a side note, Coomer and I are going to try and catch some nice pictures of the linear convection that is advertised to push through the area tomorrow. 18Z models have backed the system up quite a bit which would bring it through our area around peak heating...This could lead to a nice wind threat and hopefully we will be able to catch a few good pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man bud, what a night and what a time surprising u that night as well! Damn bud! Ur reaction was priceless!

I hope u had fun that night! We defently need to hang before u leave!