Monday, May 24, 2021

5/24/2021 Syracuse, KS HP supercell

2% TOR upgraded to 5% along a zonally oriented outflow boundary just south of I-70. Targeted a developing cell near Tribune that was almost tornadic, but it couldn’t develop a favorable RFD to help tighten the visible broad rotation. Let the HP mess go and went south for more of a structure play for storms developing near Syracuse, KS. Latched to an impressive HP supercell with developing notch and tornadic circulation (probably saw a brief tornado) before things became completely wrapped. Blasted east just as significant hail began randomly falling. Met a nice farmer along our escape route path and will have to review the dash cam footage to send him a nice card. Followed the HP storm for several hours with some nice structure before pulling off for the evening. Overnighted in Garden City, KS.

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