Saturday, May 16, 2020

5/16/2020 Mills to Roy, NM

Marginal risk day in northeast New Mexico. Targeted the area southeast of Raton, NM … somewhere near Abbot, NM. Waited a bit, and finally a cell formed near Raton and moved due south. New storm formed along southeast flank, and  both supercells moved south if not even a bit southeast. We had trouble with photography due to lack of roads and our orientation/perspective on the storm. Finally made a play south and west, down into the canyon southwest of Roy, NM. A gamble that paid off as we were treated to a heck of a lightning show during sunset deep in the canyon as the supercell moved to our immediate west. Couldn’t track anymore due to lack of roads, so headed toward Las Vegas ,NM to overnight. A new supercell formed off to our south during the drive. We stopped about 30 minutes east of Las Vegas to take in the amazing lightning show from the backside of the supercell. Overnighted in Las Vegas, NM (log by WSA)

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