Monday, May 29, 2017

5/14-20/2017 Plains excursion #1

Most of May has been slow from a storm chasing perspective, but a couple of juicy setups (on paper at least!; 1 ENH, 1 MDT, 1 HIGH) allowed Pops and I to get out to the Plains for our annual excursion. No tornadoes this trip, but we were able to photograph a couple beautiful supercells. It was a great trip with many laughs and memories. I'll be heading out to the Plains again with the CoD trip (June 1st - 11th), so stay tuned for more storm accounts! 
Our annual picture was not too dramatic this year! 

Smoke being ingested by a supercell on 5-16-17

5-16-17 Supercell Pano in the TX panhandle

5-18-17 monster supercell near Alva, OK

GPS log

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