Saturday, July 11, 2015

7/10/2015 Stockville Stack 'O Plates

I returned to the field on Friday leading our last thunderstorm laboratory group from College of DuPage (Trip 5).  We have a great group of people, and were spoiled on our first day with a great storm (despite the marginal atmospheric ingredients).  After departing from the college around 6:30 AM, we pitted in Des Moines for JJ, and continued westbound toward our target of North Platte, NE.  Severe convection emerged from this development, and we were able to latch onto a nicely structured, slow moving storm just east of Stockville, NE.  We stuck with this storm until our body batteries were depleted, and headed for food/hotel. A true needle-in-a-haystack chase! 
MISC: Now chasing with COD Trip 5.  Observed an EF4 rainbow just south of Lexington. Dinner at Kirk's Nebraskaland (Lexington).  Overnighted in Grand Island, NE.

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