Sunday, July 13, 2014

6/21/2014 Mound City, SD Severe Convection

6-21 featured a risk for severe weather along a weak convergence boundary in north central SD.  This was the first 'chase' day for CoD Thunderstorm Lab Trip 5, and some of the newbies got spoiled with a great day to observe the atmosphere.  We watched a developing supercell near Mound City, SD, and stuck with this maturing convection the rest of the afternoon/evening.  After cold pools from surrounding convection began to merge, we let the significant severe storm pass the road in front of us and shot north to find large hail.  We were able to measure a 2.6 inch stone near Roscoe, SD at 21:03 UTC.  Enjoy the photos and timelapse below!

MISC:  Overnighted in Ft. Pierre; Now chasing with CoD Trip 5 2014

Beautiful sky near Mound City, SD

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