Monday, June 17, 2013

6/13/2013 Woodrow, CO Convection

Walker and I left DeKalb around 5 AM central with an initial target near Sterling, CO.  We weren't expecting supercells given the lack of vertical speed shear, but we thought storms may showcase an interesting view around sunset in eastern Colorado.  After dropping south out of Brush, CO, commencing a heckuva long drive on I-80 W, we soaked in a pretty view of developing convection near Woodrow, CO.  These storms provided a spectacular high-plains view for the next hour, before we slid east to stay ahead of the surging outflow winds.  These winds kicked up plenty of dust, including a few gustnadoes (see below).  We spent the night in Ogallala, NE, reminiscing about the spectacular scenery.

Mammatus on the high plains...ahh...

More mammatus

CG lightning strike

Bracketed exposure; probably one of my favorites so far this year
One of several gustnadoes observed
Timelapse of the day's convection

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