Saturday, May 25, 2013

5/24/2013 Holyoke, CO - Grant, NE Convection

A strengthening lee-side surface low was the play on Friday, with strong (20kt+) ESE winds into ne CO.  We watched towering cumulus from a park in Holyoke, CO, where I had the pleasure of meeting up the chase crew (Josh, Grady, et al.) from Western Kentucky University.  We watched the Holyoke cell most of the day and finally let it go near Grant, NE.  We also ran into CoD Trip 3!

I'm glad we let the storms shift to our east, as we were treated with some spectacular skies as sunlit mammatus and numerous cloud-to-cloud lightning strikes were plentiful.  A timelapse of our day can be found here.
Initial LP storm near Holyoke, CO

Beautiful sky near Grant, NE (looking east)

The REAL Mammatus!
Click for animated timelapse of convection.

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Gilbert said...

I wish the mammatus was better. That's some of the worst I've ever seen.

Seriously, nice video! What camera do you have that's doing that?