Sunday, July 15, 2012

7/15/2012 Border Balancing

Sunday was the first day in “chase mode” with College of Dupage’s fifth trip of the year.  While we did not witness any tornadoes (despite our storm being tornado warned several times), we were treated with a large and laminar-based HP supercell near Columbus, ND.  Despite favorable ingredients, the storm was very outflow dominant, and never really had that tornadic look to it.  I’m not exactly sure what the failure mechanism was today.  250 hPa ridging?  Too much warm air aloft?  The afternoon environment seemed rather favorable for rotating supercells (hence SPC tornado watch issuance, and subsequent upgrade to 5% tornado probabilities in the late afternoon outlook).  Either way, we had an enjoyable day and look forward to the convective potential later in the week in Canada.  
Outflow dominant convection near Columbus, ND

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