Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6/3-6/4 Down Day & CO Bust

6/3 featured a down day as long-wave ridging was controlling most of the central CONUS. While weak storms did fire in northwest KS (as we anticipated), we opted for a day in the Badlands of South Dakota and ended the day camping in Scottsbluff, NE in preparation for an upslope opportunity in Colorado on 6/4.

Campsite near Scottsbluff, NE national monument.

6/4 was yet another moisture-starved setup in eastern CO. We were hoping for a few landspouts with the very steep low-level lapse rates, but the cap would have none of it. We met up with CoD Trip 3 in a park near Kiowa, CO and watched a few cells quickly form and fizzle out.
Marius (trip 3 CoD) is victim of a frisbee "you threw it, you get it" rule

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