Sunday, July 3, 2016

7/1/2016 Shelf near Springfield, CO

We (CoD Trip 5) rang in July with a nice day of storms in southeast CO. High dewpoints and a strengthening wind field excited us for tornado potential. Instead, convective morphology and lack of strong surface heading due to cloud cover really hampered the tornado potential.  We targeted the Trinidad area initially for an early/quick tornado, but the winds/instability did not really materialize as hoped. We opted to move further east, where the lone meaty supercell of the day formed just northeast of Kim, CO.  We watched it for a while (see timelapse) before it grew upscale into a large MSC and associated shelf cloud across southeast CO.

MISC: Van 1 began to break down (carrier bearings). Limped to Dodge City, KS to overnight.

Laura shooting the storm from her habitat

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very cool!