Saturday, June 29, 2013

6/28/2013 High-based Supercell north of Seibert, CO

After awaking in Wichita, KS, we targeted northeast Colorado for a low probability of high-based supercells. The environment was characterized by a moderately unstable air mass (mostly due to steep low-level lapse rates. With such low surface dewpoints (upper 30s!), it was uncertain if any storms could become severe. While coming up on Burlington, CO, we noticed some towers to our immediate northwest. We turned north out of Seibert, CO, and latched onto a rapidly developing severe storm on state route 59 north of Seibert. We proceeded to chase this cell for a little over four hours! The storm displayed nice high-based structure and a very cool hail curtain. In fact, we sampled the hail curtain (when I felt the VIL was down to appropriate levels) and were able to find hail up to penny size. Overall, Friday was a successful and quite photogenic high-plains chase. Overnighted in Colby, KS.
Cool hail curtain north of Seibert, CO

Pretty high-plains sunset

Timelapse of the storm

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