Tuesday, June 27, 2017

6/21/2017 Beaver City, NE Euphoria

Wednesday was just one of those days that will be hard to ever replicate. After a long afternoon/evening waiting for severe storms to develop in Norton, KS, we sat up shop just south of Beaver City, NE, to photograph convective towers and sunset. We were treated with nearly 5 1/2 hours of great skyscapes (e.g., sunlit towers, ACCUS @ sunset, continuous lightning, stars, Milky Way). We sat in the same spot (with only one car passing!) from 8:00 PM CDT to just after 1:30 AM CDT filling up memory cards with picture after picture for timelapse. We were definitely high on life! Another day I will never forget, and a great end to ACP 2017! 

Our position and bearing

Sunset facing west

Milky Way! 

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