Monday, June 9, 2014

6/8/2014 Roswell to Carlsbad, NM Supercell

Walker and I targeted eastern NM again in hopes of a repeat of Saturday's structure feast.  Mid/low clouds associated with overnight convection again muddied up our original target area in northeast NM.  By lunch, we made the decision to head south out of Vaughn, NM toward cumulus development west of Roswell.  We shot west out of Roswell, intercepting the storm a few miles down the road on HWY 70.  Through the haze, we could make out a distinct lowering and several occlusions of the mid/low level mesocyclone.  We stayed ahead of this giant ice-machine of a supercell (had a TBSS nearly all of its life cycle) before taking shelter under a car port west of Loving, NM.  Unfortunately, the largest hail we could find was quarter size, despite several reports of much larger hail just near us.  We let the convection push to our east and enjoyed the nice sunset lit towers, the moon dangling like a jewel in the sky, and frequent zit lightning.  Another awesome day in the high plains, completing my second 2014 high plains hat trick. Overnighted in Roswell, NM.

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