Monday, May 19, 2014

5/18/2014 James, NE LP Supercell

Sunday featured meager moisture across the high plains in a modest upslope regime.  We awoke in Rapid City, SD and trekked through the Black Hills National Forest before setting our sights on Lusk, WY as an initial target.  The ferry to Lusk was scenic and provided relaxing landscapes before hanging out most of the afternoon in a Family Dollar parking lot.

We were eyeing a developing storm to our southeast near Torrington, WY, and went after it (with some admitted hesitation).  Visually the storm looked great, but the RADAR signature said otherwise, especially after initial development.  Anyway, we stuck with this storm as it morphed into a beautiful high plains LP supercell.  It produced a brief tornado near James, NE (just northeast of Scottsbluff), but mainly just provided an amazing view for the afternoon / evening.

Be sure to watch the timelapse at the end!

Overnighted in Alliance, NE.

Various pictures of the brief funnel / tornado


Fritz said...

That is an incredible timelapse showing the evolution of the weak tornado! Awesome!!!

Fritz said...

On the first section of the timelapse, where are you exactly and what direction are you looking at the storm. Also do you know the time. Thanks!